Quitting your day job is a by-product of starting a business

I am so excited to talk to you about something that has been boggling my mind since I quit my day job back in March of 2016 to take my business on full-time.

It seems as if many people out there have this misconception that the goal to create a business is to be able to quit your day job and work for yourself full-time. It sounds like the ideal situation most aspiring business owners want to be in. They want to do what they love, make enough or more than enough money to fund their ideal lifestyle, and work on their own schedule while ditching the 9 to 5.

YES, quitting your job to pursue your business is a goal and maybe even a reason why you want to succeed in business so badly, but its not the only goal you should have when you start a business.

Will you regret this 5 years from now?

Have you ever been asked the question "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" Whether you were approached with the question at a job interview, at school, or from a friend or colleague - the question always has a heavy undertone. It's as if someone is forcing you to determine how your life will pan out in a one or two sentence answer. Sometimes the answer is easy if things are going well. Other times the answer isn't. 

The question is a tricky one. For entrepreneurs and those making a living in the internet space, the answer is not easy to determine. 

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Get out of your head + keep moving

Today I wanted to talk to you about something I have seen many people who want to start businesses or grow their businesses do. They get stuck in their own heads. 

Maybe you are listening to too many voices telling you what the next best thing is, maybe you feel your ideas will not work or are not good enough, or maybe the thought of putting your ideas out there just scares you a little. 

That's okay. It happens to everyone. But, there is a problem when that happens often.

How Content Creation Has Changed Since the Blogger Days

When ever you own an online business of any sort, all the "experts" will tell you that content creation is key. They will tell you that content creation is key to getting more clients, the key to gaining more customers, the key to becoming more visible online, and of course the key to a successful online business. 

As I navigate myself through my website design business, I am figuring out more and more how important content creation really is. 

Just a few weeks ago, on January 10th to be exact, I had my first speaking gig at the high school I graduated from. I was invited to speak about my business and provide insights to a class of web design students on how to work with clients and build a profitable business. 

I cannot tell you how fulfilling the day really was. I enjoyed speaking with the students and helping them see how there are no rules in business that one must follow to be successful and that although there are case studies and theories and fundamentals of business - there really is no wrong or right way to build and grow a business. 

The look on these high school students faces when the idea clicked in their minds was priceless. I could see their wheels turning and it made me so excited to be invited back to speak again! 

Last post of 2016!

2016 is coming to an end and I don't know about you, but I am so excited to begin a new year and start working my way towards goals I was not able to accomplish this year. I can't wait to see what 2017 holds for me and my business and kiss 2016 goodbye! Since this is the last post that I will be publishing until 2017, I decided to curate some awesome tools and resources from the year (from myself and other business owners alike) so that you can catch up and get ready to take 2017 head on as well! 

3 mistakes I made when starting my Web Development business

3 mistakes I made when starting my Web Development business

Most creative entrepreneurs do not talk about their failures. They share with you their achievements. They share with you their goals and successes. They share cold hard numbers of the profit and revenue they made. BUT they hardly ever speak towards what they did wrong before they found solutions that worked.

I want to talk to you about my failures. The 3 mistakes I made when I started my web development business.

I want to be honest with you and I want you to learn from my mistakes so that when you start your service based business, you do not make the mistakes I made.