Last post of 2016!

2016 is coming to an end and I don't know about you, but I am so excited to begin a new year and start working my way towards goals I was not able to accomplish this year. I can't wait to see what 2017 holds for me and my business and kiss 2016 goodbye! 

WARNING: There is lots of excitement in this post! 

Since this is the last post that I will be publishing until 2017, I decided to curate some awesome tools and resources from the year (from myself and other business owners alike) so that you can catch up and get ready to take 2017 head on as well! 

I will also be sharing all the new projects I hope to launch and update next year and how you can come along for the ride! 

Let's begin!

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New & Upcoming

In 2017...

BOOK - I will be publishing my book which will essentially be a guide to honing in on your skills and talents, repurposing your professional and personal experiences, and putting it all together to pursue and launch your ideas - Click here to get notified of the book launch and enter to win a free copy!

COURSES - Despite all the delays and road bumps, I will finally be launching the DIY Business Plan and theKickstart Your Badass Online Business Program! Plus, I will be reworking the "How to Host Your Own Instagram Loop Giveaways Course" and might even create a couple new courses... ;)

PODCAST - Get ready for the remaining 9 episodes of season one of the Business by Design Podcast to be launched as well as season 2! I'll be taking questions from you guys and featuring you and your businesses in season 2. 

You can submit and voice record your questions by dialing 1-201-293-0138 and leaving me a voicemail with your name, business, and question! Or alternatively, respond to this e-mail. I'll be choosing questions and answering them on the podcast!

WEBINARS & WORKSHOPS - Throughout the year, I will be hosting several free webinars and workshops. All different, but focused around helping you build a better business! I'll be updating you guys when these happen!

LIVE EVENTS - Yes, live events all over the country will be taking place in 2017! I'll be hosting events in NYC with the Blog Guid crew where we'll do blog and business brunches and some fun meetups. There will also be live workshops and meetups throughout the U.S. in different cities that will be chosen at a later date. Want me to host a meetup in your city? Tweet me @ZobiaAlvi. 

PRODUCTS - Two new shops are opening up soon. By this time, you may have already heard about my pet bunny named Fluffy. He means the absolute world to me and his cute little face will be on t-shirts, phone cases, and other items pretty soon! Already bought and can't wait to a build a small side business celebrating him! 

BEYOND THAT, I will be launching The Altitude Box, a subscription series to teach kids about entrepreneurship and helping them build real products and businesses from start to finish. 

OTHER PROJECTS - We Are Olympus, a project helping creatives find clients. Check it out here!

SOCIAL MEEDS (MEDIA) GOALS - This year I will be super active on Periscope, SnapChat, and Instagram Stories! Planning to do live stories on Instagram and expand to doing video on SnapChat along with regular Periscope videos. 

P.P.S Looking for some kickass freebies? Download the Kickstart Your Badass Online Business 90-Day Checklist here or Brainstorm Your Business Idea with this brainstorm and refine workbook!

And of course, Happy Holidays and a cheers to Happy New Year!


Obsessed with helping you build a successful business,