When You Realize the Last Blog Post You Wrote was 4 Months Ago...

Its been a long time since I blog(ed). Since my blog post on December 31, 2015, I have been checking my blog time and time again thinking to myself that I need to write new content, I need change my blog design, and I need to update EVERYTHING in the sidebar. I never got around to it and the more I looked at my blog, the more I didn't want to do it. 

Sometime last week, I asked myself what am I doing? I want to write more. I knew I wanted to get back into blogging, I just didn't know how. I decided to completely let go of my old blog, switch from Blogger to SquareSpace, and go from blogging under TheEternityJournal.com to ZobiaAlvi.com. I decided that in the spur of the moment and made it happen in one weekend! 

I think it has made me excited again to blog more and it gives me a fresh new start to the direction I want to take my blog in. I can't wait to bring everyone new content to help them kickstart their own badass online businesses, up their blog game, and start creating something with true meaning to them! 

Before we get into all that, let's recap on how the last 4 months have been

In January, I decided to make 2016 the year I take action. I set this theme for the year to say that I no longer will think about what it is I want to do or set goals that I "take my time" accomplishing. I WILL and I MUST  take action on all my goals. 

I wanted to look and feel more confident with myself so I got biolage highlights in this pretty light brown tone. It was the best decision I have ever made. Seriously. Still in love with it!

In February, I decided for sure that I will be quitting my day job and taking on my business full-time. After being a web-developer for 3 years, it only seemed like the right direction to go in. My last day was going to be March 21st. 

In March, I quit my job and started to learn what it truly meant to prioritize my business and put myself first (more on that soon!). 

Here we are in April and I'm so thrilled at the results of my decision to pack my bags at work and start working for myself full-time. I have worked with some really great clients so far and have learned so much while doing so. I have been working to add more to my portfolio and collaborating with other bosses online. 

Some of the things I've been doing...

  • I started a Facebook group for bosses and business owners to collaborate and connect called the Boss Ladies group (join here)
  • Created an awesome subscription that helps people increase their following and engagement on Instagram called the Boss Lady Loop Subscription
  • Started a real life meet-up group as I branch off The Blog Guild out to NYC. E-mail blogguildnyc@gmail.com if you're interested in our upcoming events or contributing to our team!  
  • Writing weekly Sunday letters to my mailing list
  • Writing course content for my FREE Build a Better Business in 7 Days Course
  • Collaborating on some awesome webinars on growing your online presence and starting your business (details to follow soon!)

Overall, these past 4 months I truly feel as if I'm moving myself and my business in the direction I want! I have been taking action and just love all the freedom I have to run my business and manage my life on my own terms! This journey has been off to great start and I can't wait to see whats next! 

What was it like when you first decided to quit your job to pursue your business? And if you haven't, are you going to? or is there something holding you back from doing so? Share your stories with me in the comments below!