101 Blog Post Ideas for the Lifestyle Blogger


Sometimes it can be hard to find a good topic to blog about. Sometimes you just run out of ideas or there's not much going on at a particular time. But, don't fear! Here are 101 Blog Post Ideas for the Lifestyle Blogger to help get you back on track! Plus, a free PDF download of the 101 Blog Post Ideas below!

  1. Write about your firsts. Write about your first date, your first day of college, your first day at your first job, your first Instagram post, the first blog post you ever published, the first time you filed taxes for your business, the first time you drove across country, your first trip abroad,  or the first time you saw your favorite band in concert. There's a first time for everything, write about yours! 

  2. Curate your most popular blog posts and why you wrote them.

  3. Share a story from your childhood. 

  4. A Typical Day in Your Life. Share some details about your typical day and a glimpse of what your daily life is like. BONUS: Share at least 5 pretty photos from your typical day!

  5. What was the first TV series you ever watched? Were you obsessed with a show before Netflix was even a thing? What did you like about the show?  What didn't you like about the show? Do you still watch it and reminisce?

  6. Talk about a time you've failed at something. Has there ever been a time where you did not feel like you did your best? Have you ever failed at something? What did you learn from it? How did you succeed in it on your second or third try?

  7. Name your top 10 favorite songs of all time. 

  8. Talk about your college experience. Where did you go to college? What clubs were you a part of? Did you study abroad? What was your field of study?

  9. Share some of your favorite blog posts and articles from around the web. 

  10. Review the most recent movie you saw in theaters.

  11. Share your income report. Do you make money online or from your blog? Share it!

  12. Share your favorite products at the moment. Are there any beauty products you really love right now? Any cool tech gadgets you've been playing with recently? Any apps you currently love using?

  13. Name 10 things you don't regret. 

  14. Create a bucket list. 

  15. How do you budget your finances? 

  16. A DIY post. Have you ever crafted something yourself? Share a post listing step by step how you did it, what you used, and how its been useful. OR curate a list of DIY projects on Pinterest that you want to try.

  17. Talk about your love life. Are you married? Single? Dating? Spill some details! 

  18. Share a story about a fear you've overcome. 

  19. Outfit of the Day Post

  20. What are your favorite places to shop online or in-store?

  21. How do you organize your blog posts? Do you plan your posts in advance? Have a special editing process?

  22. Talk about your morning routine. What do you do when you first open your eyes? Check your phone? Figure out what to wear? Look forward to a good breakfast?

  23. Write a letter to your teenage self.

  24. Write a letter to your future self.

  25. Talk about your favorite restaurants.

  26. Share a story about the worst date you've had. 

  27. What are some songs currently on your playlist? 

  28. List 25 things you're grateful for.

  29. Talk about your most memorable birthday.

  30. What does your family do for the holidays?

  31. Do a Q&A post. Ask your readers to submit questions through your social media channels, pick your favorite questions, and answer them in one AWESOME post. 

  32. Share what you've learned through blogging (so far).

  33. Write about something that motivates & inspires you.

  34. Interview another lifestyle blogger. Ask them inspires to blog? What their favorite things to blog about are? What goals they have for their blog? Document it and hit publish! 

  35. Create a blog post with no words just pictures.

  36. What equipment do you use to take blog photos?

  37. What apps do you use to edit photos?

  38. List 25 things you're looking forward to.

  39. Talk about your goals for the future - where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

  40. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

  41. Do a flashback post. 

  42. Write a book review.

  43. Create a blog post with a video extra. Write the blog post out and record a video of you talking about the topic and turn it in to one epic blog post!

  44. Write about how you stayed organized daily. 

  45. What's on your wish list currently?

  46. Name 3 things you'd never ever purchase. Make this post a little comical. Is there any product out there that is so ridiculous that you wouldn't be caught dead ever buying?

  47. Create a before and after post.

  48. Share your favorite recipe.

  49. List 10 fun facts about yourself. 

  50. Give a tour of your workspace. 

  51. Give a tour of what your house looks like. 

  52. Name 5 things you could not live without. 

  53. Share your shoe collection. This could be a fun post especially if you're not a beauty blogger because it shows your sense of style. 

  54. Are you a morning person or night owl?

  55. What is your five year plan? Plan your next 5 years in a post about your goals, where you see yourself, and where you are now all in one!

  56. Share your best blogging tips and give your readers a free download. 

  57. What is one event you've always wanted to go to and why?

  58. Blogging DOs and DON'Ts.

  59. Talk about your blog and your brand. How do you want the blogging world to see you? How does your brand coincide with who you are? How is brand represented in your blog?

  60. What's on your phone? Do you download lots of productivity apps, games, music?

  61. Write a post about your pet and introduce them to your readers. 

  62. Talk about your hobbies that you normally don't blog about. 

  63. How do you unwind on a Sunday?

  64. How do you prepare for the week ahead?

  65. What's your favorite place to work or blog? 

  66. Talk about a city you've always wanted to visit.

  67. Talk about where you're from? What's your native nation?

  68. Introduce your real life friends.

  69. How to make money as a lifestyle blogger. HEY! THAT'S YOU! 

  70. Share your biggest dreams. 

  71. Name some things that make you laugh. 

  72. Share some of your favorite clothing or jewelry pieces. 

  73. Review a monthly subscription box. (Ipsy is my favorite!)

  74. What online software do you use to run your blog/business?

  75. If you're a WordPress blogger, share a list of your favorite plugins. 

  76. Talk about your siblings (and share some family photos too!)

  77. Share your social media routine. 

  78. Talk about your blogging income streams. 

  79. Name all your pet peeves. 

  80. Share a story about a bad day you turned around. 

  81. Talk about a class or course you've taken and loved. 

  82. How do you dress up for a big event? I'm talking black-tie events. 

  83. Do a behind the scenes post.

  84. Share your opinion on the most controversial news at this time. 

  85. Talk about the last time you stayed in on a Saturday night.

  86. Share what you do when you finally have "me" time.

  87. Grab some of your favorite Pinterest pins and put it in a post!

  88. Create a series of tips. Example: Blogging tips every Friday.

  89. Share your weekend in photos.

  90. Host a guest post with another lifestyle blogger.

  91. Run a giveaway featuring your favorite brands.

  92. A day at the mall. Talk about your last shopping trip. 

  93. Host a link-up!

  94. Review a few articles in a random magazine. This post has lots of potential to be comical. If you pick up a celebrity gossip magazine and share your views, it could be pretty entertaining.

  95. Share some of the essentials in your purse.

  96. Create a movie theater ticket it or skip it post.

  97. Dealing with clients/sponsors.

  98. Share a story about a time you used public transportation. 

  99. Talk about your last job interview.

  100. Talk about your favorite Disney/Pixar movie.

  101. Create a gift giving guide. 

*This post originally was written for Blog in Between in December 2015 here