The ULTIMATE list of tools and resources for creative entrepreneurs

With so much awesome content out there in various formats, whose to say which podcasts, courses, tools, and software works the best? No one. That's why I compiled a list of my absolute favorites! 

These tools and resources have been extremely helpful in my own business and some of these tools I use every single day so let's get to it! 

Podcasts WORTH Listening To

The Action Army Podcast (link) - I absolutely love this podcast! Jason Zook, the host of the podcast provides immense value and interesting perspectives on managing money, setting goals, and on helping you take action in your life and biz. 

Being Boss (link) - This is a quite popular podcast all about cultivating community and being boss at life and business. The two co-hosts in this podcast discuss topics ranging from working with clients to figuring out your systems and processes. They also have super cool guest hosts from time to time!

This is Your Life by Michael Hyatt (link) - Michael Hyatt has been such an inspiration to me and has really helped me define and create a life well-suited for me. Not only is this guy super wise in all things life and business, but he's super relatable! His podcast is also one of my favorites!

Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield (link) - Amy Porterfield is also popular in the podcast and online business world, but you can definitely tell why from just one listen to her podcast. Amy provides SO MUCH value and delivers her ideas and creativity in all types of formats! Subscribe to this podcast for sure!

Business Boutique Podcast (link) - Although this podcast only has a handful of episodes, I love listening to Christy Wright's voice and hearing amazing entrepreneurial stories from business owners of all industries. 

ACTUAL Productivity Apps

Canary (link) - Beautiful and easy e-mail sorting for all your e-mail accounts. Take back control of your e-mail with Canary. Available for iOS and Mac (FREE) 

Slack (link) - Over the past year, I have joined so many incredible communities that utilize Slack as a way of constant communication and its awesome. Available for most devices, PC, and Mac (FREE) 

Wunderlist (link) - Most people use CMS and project management tools such as Trello and Asana, but neither of tools really worked well for me. Behold Wunderlist, the best to-do list/note taking and project management tool yet! Available for all devices, PC, and Mac (FREE) 

Boomerang for Gmail (link) - This is technically not an app, but its the most important productivity tool for me. Its the secret to how I create customer relationships. This plugin for gmail helps me keep in contact with my clients, keep track of conversations, and send follow-ups with ease! (FREE) 

Software THAT Helps Me Do What I Do

FreshBooks* (link) - I used to be a mess with my business' finances until I discovered FreshBooks. This software has saved me SO much time and money! I cannot recommend it enough! FreshBooks is a cloud accounting software that helps you keep track of revenue and expenses, send out branded invoices, and has been proven to help you get paid faster. (Starting at $9.95/month - Get a FREE month with this link ) 

ConvertKit* (link) - MailChimp is great for automation, but ConvertKit is the best e-mail marketing service by far! Why?! Because the software was built for sending e-mails that convert into paying customers and awesome client relationships. You're reading this e-mail through ConvertKit right now! Industry leaders such as Mariah Coz, Emily Thompson, Kathleen Shannon, Pat Flynn, and Jason Zook use the same service as well! (Starting at $29.95/month)

HelloBonsai (link) - I sincerely could not do what I do without Bonsai. Bonsai takes care of all the contracts for my clients, my project proposals, and even becomes a portal for my clients and I to work together in. It has saved me so much time and effort drafting contracts, proposals, and commuting with my client. (Starting for FREE)

Acuity Scheduling* (link) - Syncing all your calendars and scheduling clients is a breeze with Acuity. Allow clients to schedule themselves, get reminders for all your appointments, and take back your free time with Acuity! (Starting at $10/month)

FlyWheel* (link) - If you're on the WordPress platform, FlyWheel is the most convenient hosting platform I have come across. They do free backups, data migration, and security monitoring! Plus, their customer service team is so friendly and hands on whenever you have a WordPress issue! The value and price is so affordable too! ($15/month)

Super AWESOME VALUABLE Online Courses

F*ck Yeah Funnels (link) - People ask me about sales funnels all the time. How do they work? How can I make money from them? The answer to all your sales funnel questions are answered in Mariah Coz's course all about funnels! 

ChimpEssentials* (link) - Setting up MailChimp can be challenging. There's so many things to set up like on boarding and segmenting subscribers, automation, and of course campaigns and reports! When I first started using MailChimp, all the bells and whistles made it harder for me to figure out what features to set up now and later. This easy to follow course helps you set up all things MailChimp. I highly recommend it! 

Courses that Convert (link) - Learn how to create awesome courses with an awesome course creator! Amy Porterfield does a great job showing you step by step how to launch courses that convert!

B - School (link) - Marie Forleo wants to show you how to make money and change the world! This 8-week program is for serious business owners who not only want to create stellar businesses, but also give back! 

I hope you enjoyed learning about the tools and resources that continue to help me conquer on the online space of business! If you have any suggestions of your own favorite resources, feel free to share!