How Content Creation Has Changed Since the Blogger Days

When ever you own an online business of any sort, all the "experts" will tell you that content creation is key. They will tell you that content creation is key to getting more clients, the key to gaining more customers, the key to becoming more visible online, and of course the key to a successful online business. 

As I navigate myself through my website design business, I am figuring out more and more how important content creation really is. 

Just a few weeks ago, on January 10th to be exact, I had my first speaking gig at the high school I graduated from. I was invited to speak about my business and provide insights to a class of web design students on how to work with clients and build a profitable business. 

I cannot tell you how fulfilling the day really was. I enjoyed speaking with the students and helping them see how there are no rules in business that one must follow to be successful and that although there are case studies and theories and fundamentals of business - there really is no wrong or right way to build and grow a business. 

The look on these high school students faces when the idea clicked in their minds was priceless. I could see their wheels turning and it made me so excited to be invited back to speak again! 

Back to the content - content creation is important and like I said to all the student in this class. There is no limit to how you can create this content and what kind of content to create. 

LIVE video is so big at the moment. Facebook LIVE, Instagram Stories LIVE, and Periscope are such great channels to create content that doesn't take too much effort, is a lot of fun, and also increases engagement. 

Beyond that, blog posts and amazing articles written by creatives from all different industries are such valuable pieces of content. I feel this type content hasn't died out at all as many might say. From my perspective, this type of content has gotten better. We now enjoy reading longer articles with useful information. We now love to hear expert advice and don't mind having to spend a good 15-20 minutes consuming the information. And what's even more awesome is how we have moved away from blogging about our lives with pictures of our food and our outfits and into blogging about what we have learned or experimented with. 

These are the types of content you may already create:

  • Photos
  • Short Videos 
  • Tweets

And these are the types of content people love to consume:

  • Photos 
  • Short Videos
  • Tweets

PLUS, if you create LIVE short videos and expand your tweets into thoughtful content for your own blog, you've got SOME kickass content to back your awesome business. 

Fundamentally, blogging has changed. Many of us no longer indulge ourselves with fashion and beauty blogs as much as we used too. That doesn't mean that these blogs don't and can't exist. What this means is that the medium of blogging has finally channeled itself from pictures and short adages to long and thoughtful pieces of writing on various topics. Fashion and beauty bloggers still exist, but have seen more potential on other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 

Content Creation is no longer clickbait and random tidbits. Content creation is the action of creating valuable content on more extensive mediums such as podcasts and blogs. It has become a better way to share knowledge and express ideas. A way for you to truly show your audience what your business does and who it serves. It has also become a way for creatives to document their work as they launch their creations out in the world and spread the word at the same time. 

Create good content, spread the word, and stay authentic. Those are 3 things you need for your brand or business to be valuable, consistent, and seen! 

Obsessed with helping you build a better business,