Will you regret this 5 years from now?

Have you ever been asked the question "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" Whether you were approached with the question at a job interview, at school, or from a friend or colleague - the question always has a heavy undertone. It's as if someone is forcing you to determine how your life will pan out in a one or two sentence answer. Sometimes the answer is easy if things are going well. Other times the answer isn't. 

The question is a tricky one. For entrepreneurs and those making a living in the internet space, the answer is not easy to determine. 

Sidenote: This newsletter went on a short hiatus for the last few weeks, but I wanted to take some time to transition into doing these weekly emails from every Sunday to every Monday. 

Why the transition? I love the idea of starting my week and your week with some inspiration, action steps, and upcoming news and events that will help you grow and better your businesses!

Besides, Sundays are for brunching, self-care, and family time. Mondays are for hustling and setting the tone for a productive week ahead. ;) 

So again, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

How is your business doing?

How much revenue are you making in 5 years?

What products or services might you be offering?

Will you be pursuing other projects?

For us entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and online business owners - the question should read differently. 

The question should not be "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?", but should be "Will you regret NOT doing this 5 years from now?"

The question now is no longer an assumption where 5 years from now you assume you will be doing xyz and instead becomes a question of what you are doing now to achieve the goals you want to achieve so that 5 years from now you can see what you have accomplished and can move forward to bigger and better things. 

Rephrasing the question to "Will you regret NOT doing this 5 years from now?" allows you think about what you are doing now and where you would like to see yourself 5 years from now. 

It forces you to evaluate where you are in your life right now and where you truly want to be. 

Think about it. 

Will you regret NOT making that business decision 5 years from now?

Will you regret NOT taking the leap into your business full-time?

Will you regret NOT working toward making your ideas a reality 5 years from now?

Will you regret NOT making the efforts you want to make in your life and your work 5 years from now?

Reevaluate. Plan. Execute. So that 5 years from now you look back without any regrets.

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Obsessed with helping you build a better business,

Zobia Alvi