How to Stop Procrastinating

Want to know how to stop procrastinating?

I'll let you in my secret.

But before I do, I have to explain to you how at some point in my entrepreneurial career I thought that being a procrastinator was my secret weapon to getting things done. 

When I first started building my business as my part-time side hustle, I put things off until the VERY last minute. I believed that knowing the deadline is approaching lit a fire under my ass that only a procrastinator would enjoy and pushed me forward to getting the task done. I would put it off until the day the project was due and started and finished the project the same day. 

As I progressed in my business, starting working with more clients, and juggling more than one business venture - I realized my secret weapon to getting things done was an illusion. It was no longer going to work towards my advantage and in fact it would slow me down. I realized that procrastinating would overwhelm me with a constant fire under my ass that left me feeling drained and unproductive.

Think about it, if you leave everything to do for the last minute and you have something due on a Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and you're constantly working from completing one task right after the other instead of making steps towards all your tasks, by Friday you're going to be exhausted. 

It was hard for me to change my habits, but I discovered something. 

If every time I feel like procrastinating over a task I need to accomplish I take the smallest step possible towards the task, I find myself taking the next smallest step and then another one after that and before I know it, I am working on accomplishing my tasks slowly, but surely. 

Sometimes what makes us procrastinators is the daunting idea of completing a huge task or project, but what we don't realize is the longer we put it off the bigger and more daunting it seems. And, when you finally get to doing the task (which is usually last minute) the harder it feels to finish. 

Whereas if you take small steps and continue to take small steps, you'll be tricking yourself into finishing the task in less time and less frustration!

Another thing you can do is when you feel like procrastinating and not working on the task at hand, instead of reaching for social media and distracting yourself with other forms of entertainment, work on a different task! For example, when I was building my course, the DIY Business Plan, there were days where I did not want to work on anything that had to do with the course so instead I decided to write a blog post or write my weekly Sunday e-mail to you guys! I distracted myself by using my energy towards a different task and it fueled me to keep being productive and eventually work my way into working on my course. 

I'll leave you guys with this. If you can do one thing today that will make you feel productive, go take your first step and DO IT

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