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101 Blog Post Ideas for the Lifestyle Blogger

Sometimes it can be hard to find a good topic to blog about. Sometimes you just run out of ideas or there's not much going on at a particular time. But, don't fear! Here are 101 Blog Post Ideas for the Lifestyle Blogger to help get you back on track! Plus, a free PDF download of the 101 Blog Post Ideas below!

  1. Write about your firsts. Write about your first date, your first day of college, your first day at your first job, your first Instagram post, the first blog post you ever published, the first time you filed taxes for your business, the first time you drove across country, your first trip abroad,  or the first time you saw your favorite band in concert. There's a first time for everything, write about yours! 

  2. Curate your most popular blog posts and why you wrote them.

  3. Share a story from your childhood. 

  4. A Typical Day in Your Life. Share some details about your typical day and a glimpse of what your daily life is like. BONUS: Share at least 5 pretty photos from your typical day!

  5. What was the first TV series you ever watched? Were you obsessed with a show before Netflix was even a thing? What did you like about the show?  What didn't you like about the show? Do you still watch it and reminisce?

  6. Talk about a time you've failed at something. Has there ever been a time where you did not feel like you did your best? Have you ever failed at something? What did you learn from it? How did you succeed in it on your second or third try?

  7. Name your top 10 favorite songs of all time. 

  8. Talk about your college experience. Where did you go to college? What clubs were you a part of? Did you study abroad? What was your field of study?

  9. Share some of your favorite blog posts and articles from around the web. 

  10. Review the most recent movie you saw in theaters.

  11. Share your income report. Do you make money online or from your blog? Share it!

  12. Share your favorite products at the moment. Are there any beauty products you really love right now? Any cool tech gadgets you've been playing with recently? Any apps you currently love using?

  13. Name 10 things you don't regret. 

  14. Create a bucket list. 

  15. How do you budget your finances? 

  16. A DIY post. Have you ever crafted something yourself? Share a post listing step by step how you did it, what you used, and how its been useful. OR curate a list of DIY projects on Pinterest that you want to try.

  17. Talk about your love life. Are you married? Single? Dating? Spill some details! 

  18. Share a story about a fear you've overcome. 

  19. Outfit of the Day Post

  20. What are your favorite places to shop online or in-store?

  21. How do you organize your blog posts? Do you plan your posts in advance? Have a special editing process?

  22. Talk about your morning routine. What do you do when you first open your eyes? Check your phone? Figure out what to wear? Look forward to a good breakfast?

  23. Write a letter to your teenage self.

  24. Write a letter to your future self.

  25. Talk about your favorite restaurants.

  26. Share a story about the worst date you've had. 

  27. What are some songs currently on your playlist? 

  28. List 25 things you're grateful for.

  29. Talk about your most memorable birthday.

  30. What does your family do for the holidays?

  31. Do a Q&A post. Ask your readers to submit questions through your social media channels, pick your favorite questions, and answer them in one AWESOME post. 

  32. Share what you've learned through blogging (so far).

  33. Write about something that motivates & inspires you.

  34. Interview another lifestyle blogger. Ask them inspires to blog? What their favorite things to blog about are? What goals they have for their blog? Document it and hit publish! 

  35. Create a blog post with no words just pictures.

  36. What equipment do you use to take blog photos?

  37. What apps do you use to edit photos?

  38. List 25 things you're looking forward to.

  39. Talk about your goals for the future - where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

  40. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

  41. Do a flashback post. 

  42. Write a book review.

  43. Create a blog post with a video extra. Write the blog post out and record a video of you talking about the topic and turn it in to one epic blog post!

  44. Write about how you stayed organized daily. 

  45. What's on your wish list currently?

  46. Name 3 things you'd never ever purchase. Make this post a little comical. Is there any product out there that is so ridiculous that you wouldn't be caught dead ever buying?

  47. Create a before and after post.

  48. Share your favorite recipe.

  49. List 10 fun facts about yourself. 

  50. Give a tour of your workspace. 

  51. Give a tour of what your house looks like. 

  52. Name 5 things you could not live without. 

  53. Share your shoe collection. This could be a fun post especially if you're not a beauty blogger because it shows your sense of style. 

  54. Are you a morning person or night owl?

  55. What is your five year plan? Plan your next 5 years in a post about your goals, where you see yourself, and where you are now all in one!

  56. Share your best blogging tips and give your readers a free download. 

  57. What is one event you've always wanted to go to and why?

  58. Blogging DOs and DON'Ts.

  59. Talk about your blog and your brand. How do you want the blogging world to see you? How does your brand coincide with who you are? How is brand represented in your blog?

  60. What's on your phone? Do you download lots of productivity apps, games, music?

  61. Write a post about your pet and introduce them to your readers. 

  62. Talk about your hobbies that you normally don't blog about. 

  63. How do you unwind on a Sunday?

  64. How do you prepare for the week ahead?

  65. What's your favorite place to work or blog? 

  66. Talk about a city you've always wanted to visit.

  67. Talk about where you're from? What's your native nation?

  68. Introduce your real life friends.

  69. How to make money as a lifestyle blogger. HEY! THAT'S YOU! 

  70. Share your biggest dreams. 

  71. Name some things that make you laugh. 

  72. Share some of your favorite clothing or jewelry pieces. 

  73. Review a monthly subscription box. (Ipsy is my favorite!)

  74. What online software do you use to run your blog/business?

  75. If you're a WordPress blogger, share a list of your favorite plugins. 

  76. Talk about your siblings (and share some family photos too!)

  77. Share your social media routine. 

  78. Talk about your blogging income streams. 

  79. Name all your pet peeves. 

  80. Share a story about a bad day you turned around. 

  81. Talk about a class or course you've taken and loved. 

  82. How do you dress up for a big event? I'm talking black-tie events. 

  83. Do a behind the scenes post.

  84. Share your opinion on the most controversial news at this time. 

  85. Talk about the last time you stayed in on a Saturday night.

  86. Share what you do when you finally have "me" time.

  87. Grab some of your favorite Pinterest pins and put it in a post!

  88. Create a series of tips. Example: Blogging tips every Friday.

  89. Share your weekend in photos.

  90. Host a guest post with another lifestyle blogger.

  91. Run a giveaway featuring your favorite brands.

  92. A day at the mall. Talk about your last shopping trip. 

  93. Host a link-up!

  94. Review a few articles in a random magazine. This post has lots of potential to be comical. If you pick up a celebrity gossip magazine and share your views, it could be pretty entertaining.

  95. Share some of the essentials in your purse.

  96. Create a movie theater ticket it or skip it post.

  97. Dealing with clients/sponsors.

  98. Share a story about a time you used public transportation. 

  99. Talk about your last job interview.

  100. Talk about your favorite Disney/Pixar movie.

  101. Create a gift giving guide. 

*This post originally was written for Blog in Between in December 2015 here

3 Ways to Increase Your Blog Following + $250 Giveaway

One of the most important things that I learned about blogging is finding a balance between sharing glimpses of your personal life and offering something of value to your audience.

I absolutely hate it when someone says that blogging should be solely about your audience and that as a blogger, you need to write for them. On the other hand, I also hate it when someone says blogging should be solely about your personal values and stories and to disregard your readers' needs and wants.

There is a balance in blogging. Successful bloggers know that the medium between blogging about your personal life and sharing awesome content that your readers enjoy and can take something away from is the best way for you to feel authentic with your blogger voice and to welcome readers to keep coming back for more.

So here is a post that showcases three ways to increase your blog following and also showcases glimpses of my own life. See what I did there? I hope you find value in reading it and actually try it out as well! You know what else is something of value? Cash. How can you get some? Enter the $250 PayPal Cash Giveaway along with some extra goodies below!

Now, let’s talk resources for bloggers to grow their blogs and get a following!

Actively Be a Part of the Blogging Community

A lot of times people think that by setting up a blog and publishing it on the Internet, people will automatically find it and become loyal readers. NOT TRUE. Being a part of the blogging community plays a big part in what type of people find your blog (whether they are stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, business owners, lifestyle bloggers, or fashion stylists) and what type of people become your blog's targeted audience.

Now, once you start finding out what niche belongs into (there is always a niche to put your blog in and if there isn't, start one!) you'll begin to discover other bloggers who discuss similar topics or have similar blog aesthetics as yours, or share the same readers as your blog. These bloggers are a part of your community! Reach out to collaborate with them, sponsor them or ask to do a sponsor swap, and most definitely notice the different topics they talk about, the social platforms they use, and see what you can do better for your blog using their examples.

Beyond that, another great way to participate in the Blogging Community is by joining Facebook groups. Facebook groups are becoming the most popular way for bloggers to communicate and collaborate. Join one (or even three), introduce yourself, comment on others' posts, share some advice on what you know about blogging, make friends, and gain followers!

Something I do to actively participate is answering any questions or concerns other bloggers have regarding registering their domain name or finding a web host for their blog. Basically, I see other bloggers who need help getting started and because I have already been through it, I simply share what I did and in turn the blogger who asked the question becomes a reader of my blog and others in the group who see I have helped this person want to read through my content to find other helpful tips! It works and it's awesome so go do it!

Some great Facebook groups that I love and am a part of are:

Being Boss




Blogging Boost


Blog + Biz BFFs


Coffee & Creatives

Host a Giveaway

America's most favorite word is FREE (It's a fact, google it)! If you offer something for FREE to your followers, they are more likely to come back to your blog often and much more likely to stay loyal followers. Giveaways are a great way to collaborate with others and share the follower wealth!

Now there are mainly two types of giveaways. One giveaway is solely hosted on your blog and could be an individual or group giveaway usually run using the RaffleCopter widget. These giveaways are great when you are working with a specific brand, collaborating with other bloggers to giveaway a BIG prize, or when your sole purpose is to gain followers on a certain platform. For example, let's say you just started using Periscope (an app I absolutely love! -

read why here

) and you have only 2 followers, but your blog has 200 followers. SO you host a giveaway asking people to follow you on Periscope and in turn they get entered to win a Starbucks gift card or something. This way you will increase your following on these platforms and your blog readers will love the incentive.

The other type of giveaway which is pretty popular are Instagram loop giveaways. These giveaways are run solely on Instagram and loops several bloggers and business owners together to giveaway a costly prize such as a Macbook, Apple Watch, Beauty Products, and even PayPal Cash. These giveaways are a lot of fun and your Instagram following increases a whole lot in a short amount of time.

Plus, the more Instagram exposure you have, the more exposure you gain for your blog and these Instagram followers soon become blog readers so it's a win-win. Want to take part in said Instagram loop giveaways? You can sign up to be a host through

this link right here

. Buy-ins are as little as $14.50 so surely check it out!

Engage with Other Bloggers 

Many bloggers have several followers popularly known as "ghost followers" that do not comment on posts, engage with them on social media, or leave a mark in some way, shape, or form that tells the blogger that someone read their posts. For that reason, a great way to increase your following is by commenting on other bloggers' posts and engaging with them on social media. The blogger you are engaging with will surely notice your comments or interactions and comment back and/or check out your blog!

SO right after posting a new blog post, go over to a few of your favorite bloggers and comment on their posts and then go through the comments, visit at least 5 new blogs, and comment on their posts. This way you are getting your blog's link out there and also engaging with fellow bloggers and in turn get traffic back to your blog!

Do you know of any ways you can increase your blog following? Go ahead and share it in the comments!

The following giveaway is hosted by:
































a Rafflecopter giveaway

3 Ways to Use Instagram to Grow Your Blog or Business

Instagram has been around for quite some years now, but it has been being used as a marketing tool as of late. People use their Instagram accounts to not only make personal connections with their customers and clients, but to acquire new customers, clients, and blog readers.

It seems one of the first things people do these days to figure out what kind of blog, business, or person you are is by looking to Instagram profile. It has become essential for your customers, clients, or readers to browse through your Instagram presence so here are 3 Ways to Use Instagram to Grow Your Blog or Business and make that impression count.

Create a theme for your photos.

This is something I have seen a lot of successful Instagram accounts do. They use the same filters, same background colors, same fonts, and even the same type of subjects in their photos to create a particular feel for their account. This is completely intentional and they plan these photos ahead of time because they want to make sure their the photo fits in with their theme and the asthetic of their Instagram account.

A few bloggers in a Facebook group I am a part of questioned why "staging" their photos is more effective than randomly posting photos from their everyday lives and I have an answer.

It's fun to post photos from your personal life to share with friends, but often those photos seem to get attention from your circle of friends and family. A "staged" photo on the other hand - a photo that is planned to fit your particular theme will resonate with far more of your followers then just your circle of friends and family.

Here's my rule of thumb: If you post every day, throw in a wild card or two from your personal life in a week and if you post a few times a week, post one wild card. This way you're connecting with your friends, family, and giving your followers posts that resonate with your brand or business.

Use up to THREE hashtags in your photos.

Repeat after me. I will not EVER use more than three hashtags.

People have this perception that by loading up your captions with every hashtag that comes to mind will allow more people to find your Instagram posts. Not true. In this case, it's definitely better to look for quality rather than quantity. So instead of making up hashtags like #atmygrandmashousehavingdinner and piling it in between other useless hashtags, how about searching keywords that fit your image and looking for which hashtags have been used most frequently and picking from those?

Plus, by using hashtags of relevance to your photos, people will land on your Instagram page, then hop on over to your blog or business and that means more business and more readers!

Join an Instagram loop giveaway.

This is a great way to meet other bloggers, business owners, and acquire customers, clients, and readers. If you don't know what an Instagram loop giveaway is, here's a brief explanation.

An Instagram loop giveaway is a giveaway solely hosted on Instagram where blogs/businesses who have Instagram accounts, post the same giveaway image at the same time. People then enter the giveaway by liking the photo and following that person and then continue following a series of accounts which will lead them back to where they started. 

It's a lot of fun for the hosts and easy for everyone to enter! Plus, you get a ton of Instagram followers!

I have done a few giveaways before and they ran pretty successfully. I have gained 1,000 loyal followers and am super excited to be hosting more Instagram loop giveaways in the future! You can sign up to be notified when new giveaway opportunities are available as well as find out everything you need to know about

Instagram Loop giveaways here. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any Instagram tips of your own, please share!

5 Steps to Creating a Blog

I have had a variety of friends over the years and every time I get around to showing them a website/blog I started, they say "You can do this because your life is interesting, no one would read my blog." That's where they are wrong! My life really isn't any more or less interesting than their lives would be. The trick is, I cherish my thoughts and like to let all of them out through my hobbies. That's all, nothing so intensely interesting to it.

Since, all my friends wonder in amazement at the "interesting" life I live, I decided to create a post guiding them to create their own blogs. One of my friends is really looking for an easy way to blog and keep it updated so I'll share some blogging tips as well!

  1. The Story: Every blog has a story or idea that becomes the purpose of the blog. Your story doesn't have to be mind-blowing. Actually, it doesn't even have to be a story, it just has to describe what your blog will mainly be about and/or why it was started. For example, I needed a website of my own where I can showcase all my social network accounts and projects and so The Eternity Journal was born. That's my story.
  2.  Give Your Story a Name: This is something I am terrible at. I have changed my blog's name a thousand times. I'm very indecisive with that aspect of my blog and hopefully my current blog name is one I will still love years from now. That is what you have to do. You need to find a name that you know you will be able to live with for the whole lifetime of your blog as well as it's afterlife. (Keeping in mind that your blog name may still appear on the internet even after you decide to delete it). So how do you choose the perfect name that fits your blog's story? You experiment. It's the best way to get a feel of what you blog name would sound like and look like all over the internet. Browse through blogs and conduct a list of names that you'd like and see where you can fit your name or your personality into. For example, if you like a blog called "In the Middle of Love", you can personalize it to "In the Middle of Amy's Life." Now you have created a whole name that fits your blog and is entirely yours, you see? Keep experimenting until you find one that you think you might want to keep.
  3. Find a Place for Your Story: This step takes a bit more research than thought. There are plenty of blogging services that you can use to showcase your blog, but finding which one is right for you is the tricky part. The service I use for this blog is Blogger, although one of my blogs, It's Technologic was created through I have tried several blogging platforms before and in my opinion, each service has it's own community of bloggers and trends that the other service does not. In my case, I used Tumblr for quite a while as a blogging platform, but blogging about my life on a service that solely relies on media was a terrible idea. Then I switched over my personal blog to I hated it. The service itself is great, it's so great I use the professional version for my technology blog, but the community on Wordpress was too sophisticated for me. Plus, with a free blog on there aren't too many customization settings to create the perfect personal blog. I moved on to Blogger and was pleased with all the blogs I had discovered and the community that came along with it. Not to mention, all the customization I want! Blogger was the perfect home for my personal blog and became the home for the professional/techy side of me. 
  4. How Will You Showcase Your Story? Now that you found your story, gave it a name, and a home. Think about how you can showcase it. For instance, my blog is in one word about me. It's about my interest in business, technology, writing, and my love of life. Therefore, you'll find posts about how my small business is going, some technology thoughts I want to share, and a narration of my life's moments through writing and photos.
  5. Update and Promote Your Story:Your blog is all setup! Now all you have to do is keep updating your blog with posts that showcase your story and promote it! Send it to all your friends, write your blog URL on all your social networking accounts, and let other people know your unique and personalized story is live! 

Some Easy Tips to Help Get You Started

  • Research Blogging Platforms such as Blogger, and Google it, check out their features from their website, or check out this article I wrote titled "Which Blogging Platform is Right for You?" on my technology blog. 
  • Remember what you are blogging for (your story, your purpose). It will help you write.
  • Don't write a post because you haven't updated your blog in a while. Write a post because you have something to say. Blogging wouldn't be fun if it was just another thing on your to-do list.
  • Include links to your social network accounts on your blog and include your blog link on your social network accounts also. It's just an easy way to get connected with your readers while gaining new ones.
  • Go to for some blog inspiration.
  • Represent who you are and you're blog will be perfect!

I hope this was a useful post! Be sure to comment and share your thoughts! Feel free to share your own blogging tips!