Gearing Up to a Better 2018!

I used to hate writing on a blank white screen - I thought the lack of a toolbar or little writing nuances took away from it feeling like I am writing a blog post, but as I am writing this, I realize that I am wrong. Writing on a blank page feels more authentic. It feels like a blank space. 

Anyway, I wanted to write one last post in 2017 because I am thoroughly done with this year. As opposed to years in the past, I truly feel this year was a "sideline year". A year in which I did hardly anything and just watched everyone do the things I want to do on the sideline. I cheered people on this year - strangers all over the internet building and creating and doing the things I wanted to do this year. Course I planned to launch, podcast episodes I wanted to publish, or even that book I wanted to write. None of it happened for me. 

It was my fault. 

I was in my head. I was too comfortable at my day job. It was too easy to collect a pay check, grab a couple of clients, and let everything else go. 

I worried about things like dinner and what I was going to wear and who I was going to meet and what I was going to watch on Netflix or Hulu next. 

I remember a time when I was a teenager and I told my classmates that I never watched TV and it was true. At the very most, I watched an hour or two of TV on Sundays after I had accomplished what I wanted for the week and my family decided to play a movie or some random reality TV show. Other than that, my sole enjoyment used to be surfing the inter webs and doing research to make my websites look the best. 

I spent 10+ hours on the computer each day and even when I accomplished small things - this is when I felt the most productive growing up. 

Now I barely want to look at my own laptop's screen when I get home from my job after sitting in a cubicle with my two screens staring back at me. 

This was a problem. 

But next year, oh boy. Next year, I'm going to do it. I'm going to do everything I've wanted to do and even if it doesn't work out - it still beats having a repeat of 2017. 

2018 - I'm coming for ya and its going to be great!

2017,  I've already said goodbye to you and reviewed my year on this post. 

See y'all on the other side!

Zobia & Fluffy


Last post of 2016!

2016 is coming to an end and I don't know about you, but I am so excited to begin a new year and start working my way towards goals I was not able to accomplish this year. I can't wait to see what 2017 holds for me and my business and kiss 2016 goodbye! Since this is the last post that I will be publishing until 2017, I decided to curate some awesome tools and resources from the year (from myself and other business owners alike) so that you can catch up and get ready to take 2017 head on as well! 

When You Realize the Last Blog Post You Wrote was 4 Months Ago...

Its been a long time since I blog(ed). Since my blog post on December 31, 2015, I have been checking my blog time and time again thinking to myself that I need to write new content, I need change my blog design, and I need to update EVERYTHING in the sidebar. I never got around to it and the more I looked at my blog, the more I didn't want to do it. 

Sometime last week, I asked myself what am I doing? I want to write more. I knew I wanted to get back into blogging, I just didn't know how. I decided to completely let go of my old blog, switch from Blogger to SquareSpace, and go from blogging under to I decided that in the spur of the moment and made it happen in one weekend! 

I think it has made me excited again to blog more and it gives me a fresh new start to the direction I want to take my blog in. I can't wait to bring everyone new content to help them kickstart their own badass online businesses, up their blog game, and start creating something with true meaning to them! 

Why I Skipped Class to Blog Today

OKAY. Some of you might think, what are you doing? Go to class, it's important! While others might think, you skipped class to blog? WOW! You're awesome!

Honestly, I am glad you think I'm awesome, but for those who think I should have gone to class, let me break it down for you.

First of all, its Calculus. Being a computer science and finance major and economics minor, you can never seem to get away from math. But, Calculus, please keep me away from it. We are not friends.

While in class, I feel extremely lost and helpless. I wander off thinking of ways to improve my businesses and my blog. I think of everything besides limits and functions. I can do my homework after hours of frustration and pass the quizzes and tests, but I still do not understand the subject.

Regardless, this blog post is not about my Calculus class, it's about the fact that I am constantly at a crossroads for what I actually want to do because classes that I am required to take to graduate get in the way.

Someone pointed out to me that most people pursue a Bachelor's Degree in order to find a job and transition into starting a career, but that's not what I want  to do so why am I doing this?

I do not want to get a job or start a career. I'm an entrepreneur. I want to create jobs and careers for others. I want to be the business owner of xyz business and I've set out to make a difference.

Truth is, I'm scared. I'm scared to let go of learning and fully transition into full-time blogger and business owner. And how could it not be scary? The world is a scary place when you don't know what direction you're going in or where you'll end up.

My plan when enrolling at Montclair State University was that I would learn as much as I can about computer science, finance, and economics so I can start a software development company one day and eventually start a bank (my ultimate entrepreneurial endeavor) and along the way experience life as a college student, blog, run my businesses, make money and graduate feeling as if I have a good grasp as to what I'm getting myself into.

I skipped class to blog today because I need to get this out there. I need to understand why I feel this way and hope I'm not the only entrepreneur on the planet who feels this way. I skipped class because figuring out my ultimate life goal and defining a clear picture for it is far more important to me than attending my Calculus class. At least - that's how I feel today.

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads between something you are required to do and something you want to do? Have you ever just wanted to sit down and think about where you're going and how you're going to get there?