I want to share with you a free resource that is amazing! 

Many of you guys are either looking to start a business, in the middle of figuring out how to scale your business, and looking to stabilize your business. Regardless of what stage your on - this resource is perfect for you. 

AND of course its free! This stuff is the real deal. This stuff isn't just some cookie cutter PDF or hour long webinar (where 30 minutes are spent on just trying to sell you something). NO! This is real - wholesome and super valuable stuff! SO VALUABLE AND SO UNATTACHED TO TRYING TO SELL YOU SOMETHING THAT it does not even require your e-mail address for you to receive and there is no trial or sneak peak of what you get. THE WHOLE RESOURCE is yours to explore and learn from for FREE! 

BUT HERE'S THE CATCH: It isn't a ticket to a better business or a free ride to the journey of your dreams. The resource itself is free and has no strings attached, but you're the only one who can use the powers of the resource to reach the business of your dreams!

Are you ready for the resource?!?!

It's Jason and Caroline Zook's FUTURE FINDING course! A 5 lesson SUPER ACTIONABLE program that will take you from zero to clarity, clarity to scale, and scale to optimization! Want to dive in? Check it out here and read on for more exciting and juicy stuff! 

So why am I sharing this free resource?!

My friends, listen to me. 

There are so many courses, programs, PDFs, eBooks, and podcasts to learn from. Almost anyone who knows how to do anything online either knows of a resource or has created a resource (including myself) to spread their knowledge and wisdom and creativity and I have purchased so many of them. 

I purchased $10k (that's $10,000) worth of courses and programs and boss membership groups and one-on-one coaching sessions to fill the gaps of knowledge and my own experience. 

I learned from some, others felt like a waste of money, and some left me feeling like "Hey, I made this investment, so maybe I should do something with the knowledge I have now?" but, then never actually doing anything with it. 

Last year in September (almost exactly at this time last year), I was feeling down on myself - I spent thousands of dollars and had not been able to change a single thing in my business. I wasn't making more money - I wasn't reaching more clients - I wasn't making more courses or content. Where did that money go? 

THEN - I came across BuyOurFuture (BuyMYFuture at the time) and I was scared. I thought "Oh no, here I go again buying another program that isn't going to get me any where regardless of how much work I do." See, here's the thing - all those courses and programs I bought in the past showed me how to do things, but NEVER motivated me on actually doing them let alone inspiring me to build courses or market to potential clients MY WAYEvery course taught every student to do everything the same lame way everyone else is doing it and I don't want that. I want things I create to be unique! I want them to show people that Zobia Alvi made them and not "oh look here's another product or case study that came from XYZ course." 


Something about BuyOurFuture felt different, it felt genuine. Something told me this isn't just a bundle of course and software (LOTS OF COURSES AND SOFTWARE!) - its that ONE thing that will take me from knowing how to do something TO ACTUALLY doing something - something that's mine.

So I invested in it. 

BOY was that exciting! 

Look at that screenshot of the day I purchased it and got access!

The story doesn't end there. 

The very next day, I was going about my day as normal and a notification of a new podcast episode appears on my iPhone - it was the BuyMyFuture podcast and because I was still thrilled and excited about this investment - played it right away. 

I remember sitting in a train commuting and just hoping to be inspired as I gazed out the window for my 45 minute commute to a long day ahead of me full of classes and work and with my wishful cup of Iced Java in my hand - I listened on. 

AND THEN Jason Zook mentioned my name. He talked about how I was the 19th buyer and how significant that was to him based on his buyers from last year. (19 sales in ONE day is a big deal!) I cannot tell you how cool it was that someone who I have admired from afar had taken the time to notice me and learn about what I was doing and give me a shout out!

I knew in that moment that for sure, I made the best business and personal investment ever! I made an investment with another business owner who shares the same values as me - he's not trying to make a quick buck - he's genuinely providing value and helping business owners like myself. AND now that he's married to another pretty awesome human, Caroline - they both are continuing to do that for us!

How do they do it? What do they teach? 


Allow me to explain what it actually is and what I got from it.

BuyOurFuture is a crazy project from Jason and Caroline Zook. The investment grants you access to all their existing AND upcoming projects and tools plus first dibs on everything else they create. For free. Forever. You also get to be in their private BuyOurFuture community (WHERE PEOPLE MUCH SMARTER THAN YOU AND I ARE SHARING WHAT THEY DO IN THEIR BUSINESS). That's access to 300 like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners including myself and Jason and Caroline Zook.

Here's a list (for people who love lists) on what you get with BuyOurFuture

Below there is also a screenshot of the all the stuff you get and the way it's listed on their website is pretty amazing so check that out here: BuyOurFuture


1. How To Get Sponsorships For Anything (a 12-lesson course with 7 bonus videos)

2. How To Get Sponsorships For Podcasts (a 6-lesson course with 6 bonus videos)

3. One Week To Profit (a 7-day, step-by-step digital guide to help you make more money with your business)

4. Finish Your Damn Book (a 10-lesson course to take you from zero to published author)

5. Product to Profit (a 6-module masterclass with three bonus videos)

6. Podcast Like A Boss (a 7-module-plus-bonus course created with the genius bosses behind the Being Boss podcast)

7. How Dare You (a 7-module course with 2 bonus videos where Paul Jarvis and Jason share how to put more of your personality into your brand)

8. EasyCourse (a 30-day course that will give you literally every step you need to build an online course)

9. Make Money Making (Caroline and Jason team up and deliver a course guaranteed to give you money-making ideas)

10. Better Branding Course (Caroline's flagship, and very popular, course on branding)

11. Better Lettering Course (Caroline's hand-lettering course, taken by 6,000+ people)

12. Teach Your First E-Course (Caroline's intro to online courses, course)

13. Acrylic Explorations Course (Caroline's acrylic painting course)

14. Draw Your Memories Course (Caroline's fun illustration and drawing course)


15. Lifetime access to Teachery (build and sell your own online courses)

16. Lifetime access to ofCourseBooks (create workbooks for your online courses)

17. Lifetime access to YourPack (create simple and beautiful community directories)

18. Lifetime access to Spruce Metrics (see all your online business metrics in one place, and help you grow them!)

19. Lifetime access to Bumpsale (set the price of your product and then automatically increase the price incrementally after each sale)


20. Creativity For Sale (Jason’s first book, wherein he documents his entrepreneurial journey)

21. Do It Differently (Jason’s second book, due out Summer 2017)

22. Connecting With Your Core (Caroline's guide to finding your path)

23. Color Your Soul (Caroline's book, due out 2018)

24. Action Taking Guide (Jason’s best writing for taking action, condensed into an easy-to-read guide)

25. Creativity Guide (Jason’s best writing for increasing creativity, condensed into an easy-to-read guide)

26. Profit Guide (Jason’s best writing for making more money)


27. From Caroline: iPad Lettering For Beginners

28. From Caroline: Creating a Heart-Centered Business Course

29. From Jason: Email Capture Hide/Replace Software

30. From Jason: Third Book

31. From Jason: Course About Selling

Also included with your purchase of BuyOurFuture is access to the BuyOurFuture Slack Channel. This has, by far, been the most coveted piece of BuyOurFuture by the existing 300 buyers. You get to join a growing community of like-minded individuals who range from: professional bowlers, comic book authors, developers, fiber artists, locksmiths, doctors, wedding coordinators, paleo chefs, and entrepreneurs/business owners from many other walks of life. It truly is a diverse (and amazing) group of people.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.36.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.36.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.36.46 PM.png

BuyOurFuture is available for purchase from September 26 - October 10. Jason and Caroline offer unprecedented direct access to the BuyOurFuture community and look forward to continuing to deliver value for many years to come! 

OH and at random, Jason sent me real snail mail (just an example of how awesomely amazing they are and the surprises you might find with becoming a part of their journey while investing in yours!) 


ALSO - not sure if the investment is right for you? Save my partner link and sign up for the Working to Live workshop (its free!) and when you're ready head to to get yourself involved in all this awesomeness!

Obsessed with helping you build a successful business,

Zobia Alvi

P.S. In full disclosure, I am a BuyOurFuture Partner and do earn some dough for sharing the love with you all - but, I'm not a sleazy sales person. I truly believe in what they have done and what they continue to do for entrepreneurs like myself and am being completely honest when I share these stories with you - everything you read is real, not staged. Raw and real.