I don't want to build a business based on selling something - I want to build on business based on giving something.


What is so interesting to me about business right now is that everyone has something to sell. I see all of these business coaches, business strategists, and “experts” in all these different digital areas I have never even heard of before or areas such as “course building” or “list building” and to be quite honest I’m overwhelmed. I REALLY tried back in 2016 to jump on the same bandwagon - I spent thousands of real dollars on courses to help me build my list and my launch my courses, I spent countless hours trying to mimic what all these “online entrepreneurs” were doing and it got me no where that I wanted to go. So I’m changing the way I do business and I’m making it my own. I don’t want to sell courses, I don’t want to build my list through those list building tactics, and I most definitely don’t want to buy any sort of social media engagement at all. I want to share my actual ideas.

I want to show you how you can execute on your ideas as I do the same. I want to build an honest business not based on volume or “six-figure” launches, but based on actually helping people build businesses just like I built my own through programs that actually coach you to use your own ideas to succeed, building better websites to serve these unique audiences, and genuinely helping people un-limit themselves and get to doing something that they actually WANT to do!


Zobia Alvi

Creator of The Z Collective